Wednesday, December 23, 2009

3 years old today

Three years ago today we were quite busy. You're daddy and I were at the hospital being induced.

I know that I posted about your birth story originally on the Snowflake board for sure (I'm not sure if when it was an EC or a PG though I searched both) but I can't find it :( I'll love anyone that happens to find it because I KNOW I posted it.

I did find that the hospital you were born at STILL has your picture up, even though you're birth weight is wrong there.

We found out we were pregnant on April 13, 2006. It was a Thursday and in the middle of Survivor. It was the day before Good Friday that year. I was completely shocked. Being pregnant was not fun for me, we're talking puking (I had HG) for five months, many days I couldn't leave the house. BUT I ended up with you and that made it all worth it.

We came home from the hospital on Christmas morning with our little angel. Getting you dressed at the hospital was the first of many parenting hurdles we'd face but we love you no matter how you try our patience ;)

Happy birthday my little boy. You can't imagine the ways you've changed my life and I'm looking forward to many more fun times.

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