Friday, August 14, 2009

Slinging burritos

So I've been slinging burritos at Qdoba for almost 2 years now (since this location opened) and I'm getting promoted. What does that mean? Eh not much, a little more money and memorization of when things go bad, a liquor license and the free will to tell people what to do (lol ok only a little bit of free will). But it's nice to be appreciated for doing a good job :D

On the house front, there is lead on the window SILLS. Now it's important that you read that right, the sills, not anywhere else. So they are painting or replacing the sills and putting my crappy windows back in. I'm hoping they drop a few of them in the process and have to replace them anyhow.

No date on the move yet though I'll keep ya posted on that.

Tonight though we got to go out to dinner with a friend of ours which was nice. Since Mike is a first shifter now we can actually do those things. Gabe was super good at the restaurant and enjoyed Jerry's kitty cats at his apartment too. It was nice to be a family and see friends.

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