Monday, August 10, 2009

Good news, bad news

There was lead found in the house. (Sigh). So we will not be closing this week.


They are going to repaint the entire inside for us. If there is lead found on the window sills they will replace the windows for us as well. The windows need to be replaced so we're actually hoping that they will find lead on the windows at this point. (lol).

We'll be here at my mom's (rent free at least) so hopefully this being in the hole will work itself out because of staying rent free (and mostly utility free too).

I'm bummed but excited that the house will be painted. I wonder if I can give them the paint for Gabe's room? :P

Hopefully then this will be done quickly and PROPERLY and then we will FINALLY have our house (and it will be freshly painted by someone else).

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  1. And if it's not to quick, all your moving help will be back from gencon