Saturday, August 20, 2011

For recording sake

For the sake of recording things I need to put this down here so that I can find it at some point in the future that I'm not even thinking about yet ;)  Since I did something that one year ago I never even considered doing, that I didn't think was possible.  Something that 9 weeks ago was a pipe dream that I thought "what the heck give it a try"

HOLY COW!!! tonight felt good on the treadmill and ran a full 5k (including warmup and cool down time of course) Took me 43:41 to do the whole thing (I figure I wouldn't be the last person done right? :P) So I ran extra time just because I wanted to hit it so badly! Plus you can't quit when Christina Aguilera's "Stronger" comes on followed by Michael Jackson "Man in the Mirror"

I think I might officially be a real runner!!! I really did cry a little after I finished.

This was W9D1 of C25k (couch to 5k) There is not a smilie in the world for how amazing this feels.

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