Tuesday, November 24, 2009

When you think of something write it down...

Otherwise you end up like me. I'm laying in bed last night and I thought something really funny and thought "hey you should blog that in the morning". Of course this morning I have NO idea what it was.

It did make me think of something else funny though. My mom got this clock awhile back for $40 at some consignment store. It's got a nice ticking sound to it, and you have to remember to wind it. It says it's a 31 day clock but really ya gotta wind it every two weeks. What's funny about this particular clock is that it's supposed to ring once for the half hour and then on the hour for the time it is. Well it doesn't quite work that way. It dings correctly once on any half hour but the hour marks are a dice roll. It does ding between 11 and 4 properly but the other hours are a crap shoot.

Mike and I were laying in bed a couple nights ago talking and we were talking about the clock. I said well at least it hasn't dinged 13 yet since we think that might be the third sign of the apocalypse. Of course suddenly the clock starts dinging and we're obsessed with counting the chimes now. I swear that it dinged 13 just that once. I haven't heard it before and I haven't heard it do that since.

So we have this quirky clock, and we could probably have it taken in and fixed but I kind of like the fact that you're never sure what time it will really ding. So I think we'll keep our quirky clock just the way it is. Not everything has to be perfect to be enjoyable.

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