Monday, February 4, 2013


Click on it to make it bigger and easier to read. It's interesting.


  1. Fascinating. Of the 6 wealthy Americans, only 1 has a college degree (I'm making an assumption that the college degree led to that individual's wealth of course). Maybe college is overrated?

    Also, with 33% of children having special needs, what does that encompass?

    What class is this for?

  2. It's for my community nursing class. We didn't get an additional break down for the children. Special needs in other things for us encompasses things like autism, sensory processing disorders, physical and mental handicaps, etc.

    I tend to agree that a college degree is not necessary unless it's for a specific thing, such as medicine (not a liberal arts degree, no point in that IMO).

    What is shocking and sad to me is the amount of people that don't have access to clean water, adequate housing and can't read. That is a pretty sad state.