Monday, January 7, 2013

Biggest Loser....

I'm in tears right now. I'm watching Biggest Loser and a girl just weighed in weighing my starting weight of 242lbs. OMG I can not believe I weighed that. It's horrible but I mean I look at everyone on the show and know they are fat (that's why they are there) and I can't believe I was the same way. I weighed enough to be on a tv show!!!! I am so disappointed in myself that I let myself gain back what I have in the last year, BUT I did not gain it all back.

Instead of quitting and saying it's too hard though I'm going to do better! I'm going to BE better. I MUST make this part of my daily life. I MUST do 30 min of SOMETHING, even with school, even when I'm tired, even when I feel like I'm taking away family or hubby time, I MUST do this.

Before the weigh in tonight I had done three 10 min smaller workouts today (nothing that would hurt my back) and then did 10 min on the elliptical machine when the show started.

The road is not always (ever?) easy.  But it is my road and I need to own it.  I need to DO something about it.  Every day. Every day.  Just a little bit at a time.  

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