Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gabe's 6th birthday

Today you turn 6.  I am amazed every year how old you are, how big you are and how much you've changed in one year.

This year I've been a bad blogger, picture taker, documenter.  I admit it, sorry kiddo.

You've started kindergarten, got your very own kitten Frieda and have grown and learned so much!  You still love Cars (KACHOW!), trucks, building things, legos and today you even put your new lego set together all by yourself by using the directions!  You can write and draw and spell, it amazes me how much you've learned in kindergarten already!!  You had a winter concert where you were on stage and sang your heart out! I'd been waiting for that part of being a mom and videoing that was so much fun. And while this year has had it's ups and downs you've handled them all and been a great kid through everything.

I love you so very much my little boy, I love that you're a big kid and funny and cute and still give me kisses.  Best Christmas Gift I've ever gotten was you.  Love you.
Kindy Xmas Party!

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