Monday, May 21, 2012

Made it!

I made it, I finished the first semester of nursing school.  I did it with the help of my family and the friends I have made this semester!  Thank you all!  Thank you for the fun, for kicking my butt when I needed it, thank you for making flash cards, and letting me us your notes, thank you for the lunches, and the jokes, and picking on me when I really needed it, thank you for showing me how wonderful people really can be and I know some of us will be life long friends. 

 Thank you to my wonderful husband who never complained when I had to study late, or go to study group, when dinner wasn't made, when laundry wasn't done, when I went to bed at 8pm on a weekend because I was so beat.  Thank you honey, you'll never really know how much I appreciate you.

Of course there are three more semesters to go but I'm feeling great having the first one out of the way! 

This summer Gabe and I will hang out, play in the yard, go to the pool and just enjoy not having to be anywhere before 8 am.  Mike and I are signed up for an aquatic workout 2 nights a week starting Mid-June and I'm looking forward to some "us" time.

I'm looking forward to grilling out and burning stuff with my brother and Sarah now that they are next door.  I'm looking forward to just chilling out some!

I can't wait for the party in just a couple weeks! I'm worried its going to be 900 degrees, or 30, or raining LOL!  But it will be a blast no matter what. 

I'm looking forward to running and working out more! (I hope my hip agrees, its really sore after the first day of running on Saturday).

I just can't wait!!!

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