Sunday, January 8, 2012

Food I made!

I got all crafty (can you be crafty with food?) this week.  I've found some recipes I just must try this week before I go back to class next week.  So today I made (Not)Refried Beans.  They turned out marvelous!  They are tasty, I had to taste test to make sure, and look delicious too. 

Tomorrow they are going to go into some tortilla shells with a little cheese and then get frozen in two packs for my lunches for at school where I can pop them in the microwave.  I actually got the idea from another post by Budget Bytes where she made freezer burritos with store bought ingredients, so I figured I'd do it with homemade beans (which are SOO much yummier!) and next time I might even make the tortillas myself from one of her recipes too.

Freezer Burritos  and the Low Fat Flour Tortillas for next time.  So tomorrow I'll make my burritos and have tasty healthy lunches.  The tortillas I'm using are only 80 calories for 2 of them and they are whole wheat.  I'll add a little sprinkle of Mexican Style Cheese and be good to go for only about 300 calories for two of them. 

This week I'm also going to make my own English Muffins for breakfast sandwiches too.  I need to be prepared with foods for the weeks ahead when I'm going to be busy, lazy, frazzled and unable to think ahead well enough to make healthy tasty meals! 

I admit I go in spurts with trying new foods and recipes but since I'm on an upswing I figure I better take advantage of it and make as many things as I can to stuff in the freezer!  If you have any great recipes or blogs about food shoot them my way and I'll see what I can do.  I've already sampled Skinny Taste and she's fabulous, OBB is another one that I've tried a few but not many from, so spam me!

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