Monday, December 12, 2011

Done with the fall semester!

I made it through one more semester!  I am officially done with the fall 2011 semester.  A semester of intro psych (which sucked and I'll avoid that instructor like the plague) but I got a B-, Health psychology (which I love that instructor) and I got an A, Medical Terminology which was easy peasy and I got a 97% in LOL, also Modern Cinema which I'm still waiting for a final grade, I'm thinking B+ or A- depending on the paper grade.

The REALLY good news is that I have registered for all my core RN classes.  I am all set to take the really hard ones and the ones that really matter starting in the Spring 2012 semester.  I have all my classes at Mequon campus and New Castle as my first clinical location.  YAY!  Everything is close-ish to home!

I am still working out childcare for Gabe (EEK!!!!) but I'm hoping things are going to fall into place and we won't have to worry about it too much.  I will be at class/clinical 4 days a week and my Dad will watch Gabe on Weds so at least that day is taken care of. 

I am excited, nervous and terrified right now of the future 4 semesters but I also know this is what I want and I can do this.  It will be hard, there will be days (weeks) that suck but I can do this!! This is not a punishment, I want to do this.  I want to be a nurse! 

Christmas is around the corner which means so is Gabe's birthday.  Hopefully I'll have a few posts between now and then, and you'll see me in early January before I disappear again too.  I'm going to attempt to be better here even during the spring because I know I won't remember this journey if I don't write stuff down!

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