Sunday, October 17, 2010

One of those days

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We've all had one of those days.  The kind of days where your child(ren) drive you crazy and make you want to pull your hair out and make you realize why lions eat their young?  Yeah that kind of day.

Gabe  is a smart alek, he thinks he's funny and knows everything.  He thinks he's a BIG boy and can do what he wants when he wants.  He fights us tooth and nail on everything some days.

Today though, geez kid did you have to scare your poor mom half to death TWICE (which I think means I'm dead anyhow?).  First we are checking out furniture and he decides to run out the front door of the store IN TO THE PARKING LOT!  I ran screaming like a crazy woman to him and grabbed him up pretty darn quick.  We had a (semi)calm conversation about why mommy was upset and why it was something he shouldn't do.

Then later I'm making dinner and my mom is in and out into the attached garage.  She comes in to use the bathroom and Gabe is still outside in the garage, no biggie he does this a lot.  Then Mike goes out and doesn't see him.  So Mike goes looking around the house, STILL doesn't see him.  Now I go out and start yelling for him and he STILL doesn't answer us.  The next yell of his name came out sounding like a banshee screaming his name because now I am worried.   I then hear BOO from the garage.  He was HIDING UNDER THE SHELVES!!!!  I admit I yelled at him, A LOT.  Made him come out and look at me and gave him a huge hug and told him again why listening was so important.  I think he was pretty upset too at this point.  I just want him to get it, I know he's not even 4 yet but geez kid. 

If I wake up with a head full of grey hair tomorrow now you know why.  Tomorrow will be better right?
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  1. Sorry Mel, I had to laugh at the hiding and yelling boo thing! Sorry he scared you so much today :-( Both of those situations would have scared me half to death too! Boys! I tell ya!