Saturday, August 14, 2010

So I started

I started a change. I wasn't going to post about it here but I think I should. I started walking every evening. I started actually paying attention to what I put into my body. I started losing weight. This is going to be a marathon and not a sprint people but I'm doing it. I have disclosed my weight for several people but I won't here ;) I will tell you that in just 5 days I lost 6lbs. I know that's mostly water weight but I'll take it. I'm going to TRY and only weigh in once a week but we'll see if I can hold out next week since I didn't this week.

I'm using to track my food and exercise progress and its super easy to use and has an iPhone app to use when I'm out.

I will say that I have about 75lbs I want to lose. HOLY COW! That's a lot. So I'm breaking it down into pieces. My first goal is for Maurice's Modeling thingy that I'm doing. The next one is my 10 year reunion. After that I'll have to think of something fun.

My goal is 2lbs a week which means I'll be down to my goal by mid May next year. Not too shabby really.

I FEEL different this time. I feel ready. I WANT to be smart and healthy. I'm trying new foods and finding a few that I like (who knew Tilapia was good?!) I'm on the hunt for some new healthy recipes and ideas for any meals from breakfast, lunch and dinner to new snacks. If you have any share them please :D

Also I'm going to need ideas for what to do in the winter when it's too cold to walk outside. I have an elliptical that I'm going to have to be friends with but no treadmill (BOO! I want one). Maybe I can get luck and get a free month gym membership somewhere too.

So turning 28 turned over a new leaf. A new ME leaf. A new journey in my life. It's not going to be easy and I'm sure I'll trip and fall along the way but I WILL get back up and keep going. I will do this for me, for my health and my vanity.

Here's to hot clothes and a cute swimming suit next summer!!!!

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  1. Go, Mel, go! Good for you! Gaining weight is fun and easy, losing it hard. I'm so happy for you and that's great you've lost 6 already! Keep it up! I need to get back on the exercise wagon myself. I've gained about 15 unwanted pounds back! YUCK!