Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I am a college student

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I start college for the first time ever tomorrow. I'm 27, married almost 8 years, have a 3 year old son and I'm now a college student. Woah!

I'm excited and nervous just like before any first day. This one has the feel of a long exciting journey though.

I feel ready for this. I feel that I can do this. I have my hubby behind me 110% even when he a pain in the neck I know he's my biggest cheerleader.

I'm going to be a nurse. I'm going to be somebody. I'm going to go somewhere. I'm going to have a job that can support my family. I'm going to finish something I start for the first time in a long time.

I start math first tomorrow, then Friday is anatomy and physiology part 1. English and psych start on Sunday since they are online classes.

If you have one piece of advice for me going back to school what would it be? What was the mistake you made? What made it easier? I have a pretty good schedule written down to self motivate myself especially for the online courses.

What helped you get through those classes?

When the student is ready, the master appears. ~Buddhist Proverb

Master I am ready, I hope.

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  1. I started college in 1993 after the birth of my second child. I was 21. By the time I graduated [with my AS in Accounting] I was pregnant with my third child. lol In 2007 I returned to school [online this time] for my BA in Accounting. I was not quite 36. My last day of school is 1/30/10.

    Don't over do it thinking you have to get this done. It took me 2 1/2 years each time I returned to school. Remember, you will be ready for it to be over, probably about 6 months before it actually is, and that is okay. You will feel empowered by your accomplishment. Be proud of yourself. Every day you go to class, every day you get one day closer to graduation, every day. It's hard work, and if you feel ready, then you will do well. Good luck on your journey.